Welcome to Ombre week!

This video is pretty straight forward, so not much to say before you get into todays class!

As always use the Facebook group to ask any questions!

If you haven't started on live models yet, this is the week to do so!

Because this technique is ALL ABOUT THE BLENDING you're going to want to work on a live model rather than a mannequin so you can really see how your blending is turning out. Mannequins don't lift the same as a live models hair will so your work will always look MORE blended on a mannequin than a model. 

Remember to be patient with this technique and have fun blending! 

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  • I HIGHLY recommend trying this technique with a BUNCH of different brushes. This is one you will want to find just the right brush for you. So naturally I use my favorite brush that I use in all my videos. (I swear I use other brushes sometimes!) 
  • If you're finding it hard to blend smoothly, try running your brush under HOT HOT HOT water then patting dry before painting. It will totally soften the bristles of MOST brushes (some of the tint brushes out there are very wiry and will never bend. Never paint with those. Ever. They suck. 
  • This is a great technique to try with hardware or craft store brushes. I see them all the time on instagram and Facebook, and while I don't personally love painting with them, if I was going to use them for something, it'd be this technique. They'll cover more ground quicker and they do make large section blending a little easier. HOWEVER! I will say, I feel it makes it harder to push the lightener into the hair for heavier saturation.