Are you feeling stuck in your hairdressing career?

Never seem to have enough clients?

Have you maybe even been looking for part time work to supplement your career?


Maybe you're PLENTY busy, working WAY too many hours to make the money you desire for your lifestyle.

Do you keep getting clients that just DON'T vibe with you?

Are you in a small town and don't think you can raise your prices?

Not sure how to use social media to market yourself?

Do you find yourself wondering if you're not cut out for this career because you're simply not busy enough?


Now, skill is an important part of being a good hairdresser.


It's only ONE part of the job. 

I'm beyond excited to launch this four week course to give YOU a crash course in my mentoring & business building!

I'm sharing EVERYTHING I've done to build my career, grow my clientele, all while working LESS. 



  • WEEK ONE: Getting REAL with yourself- Get clear on who YOU are as an artist, learn to manifest your clientele & find your niche!
  • WEEK TWO: Customer Service- The details. Find your routine that will build trust & promote relaxation for your clients! (Also learning to see and draw the line between great customer services and getting walked on by clients)
  • WEEK THREE: The MONEY stuff- Scheduling, Pricing, Goal Setting & More!
  • WEEK FOUR: Self Promotion- Learn basic social media, photography, client posing & more to attract your clientele.


  • My signature blow out- learn how to quickly and efficiently round brush for beautiful photos!
  • Breezy beach waves- styling relaxed curls for that effortless lived in sexy hair!
  • The not so flat, flat iron- a straight blow out with touch ups with the flat iron for picture perfect hair!

After taking this course you'll have a CLEAR view of who YOU are as an artist & where you're going in your career. 

You'll gain confidence in your ability to attract the RIGHT clients.

You'll learn how to get excited about setting monthly, quarterly and yearly goals!

Leave with a whole new bag of tricks to make your services stand out above the rest!

And most importantly, you'll feel SO empowered and inspired to take control of your career. 

Get ready to get REAL with yourself!

We will be asking ourselves some hard questions, finding our weak spots where we can grow, and changing our perspectives!




This course (like all of my courses) is completely ONLINE!

(You don't even have to get out of bed to take this course! Hell, you don't even need to put pants on-no judgement here! ;))





This course is unique in that I will be filming this course LIVE in a private Facebook group!


This way you can join in the conversation, ask any and all questions and you'll really be able to customize this course for YOU! Join me from your phone, tablet or computer!


---This course will only be live for the first round! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your questions asked! Following rounds of this course will still get a live Q & A day, but there's nothing like being a part of a course being filmed live!---


Upon signing up you'll receive an email with instructions on how to join the private Facebook group where the live classes will be held. 



The LIVE classes will start 3/4 @ 10am PST, we'll meet every Sunday for 4 weeks!

All you need to show up to "class" with is a coffee, something to take notes with, and your beautiful self!


When the course is over you'll have unlimited replays to the classes, so no worries if you can't make it live!

The Facebook group will also stay open, this is a great space to ask questions, bounce ideas off of your peers and continue to learn together!


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