Welcome to Week 6!

There's TONS of great tips today in this video and its a shorter video (short hair goes quick!) so maybe have a listen twice in case you miss anything! I was on a chatty roll!

Happy painting!

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  • If you have someone who is in for a cut and a balayage, and their hair is short(er) or they're changing their haircut at all, CUT FIRST! 
  • Spend some time before painting looking through the haircut. Really pay attention to how the hair lays and how they style their hair. Short hair can be a lot more "3D" than longer hair when it comes to painting. You really have to consider the front back and sides of the pieces that are up against a hard part or hairline. 
  • If you're working on very short hair, consider smaller tools. I'll make a post about this and the ones I like in the bonus area for you guys!
  • If you have a clientele with lots of different lengths of short haircuts, offer them a "model" price to practice your balayage on! Or cut a mannequins hair really short to play with it.