It’s finally here!!

This is THE BEST add on ever! Once you’re comfortable painting on dry hair, get ready to change it up and paint on damp hair!

Great for color clients who want a little dimension or a pop around the face, but you don’t have time for a full balayage!

A few reminders/tips:

  • Works best if lifting 3ish levels or less. This technique is mainly to save time. If you’re looking for massive lift, you may as well dry and do a regular balayage for more control.

  • If they have really tangly/fine hair, painting damp may not be for them. Or you may need to comb out with a finer comb.

  • Towel dry WELL, too wet of hair will dilute the lightener & mess with your pressure.

  • Damp hair lifts quickly! Keep an eye on it!